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Tampa Bay's Premier Full Service Private Investigations

Gator Investigations, LLC. is recognized as one of Tampa Bay's leading private investigation agencies, providing confidential, professional investigative and related services to attorneys, corporations, small businesses, organizations and the general public throughout the Tampa Bay area, the State of Florida, nationwide as well as internationally. We offer an extensive array of services, all performed by highly trained and seasoned Investigations.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Cheating Spouses and Lovers

Sherlock Holmes was fond of telling his partner “Come Watson, the game is afoot.” The Game is almost always afoot in Florida. It has something to do with the weather. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, they probably are! Gut feelings are always the best. Is your spouse is flying to Florida on business frequently? Or is he/she spending extra time on their appearance? Or attending all too frequent late meetings at the office?

It's time to confer with the GATOR experts and discuss a program to find out the truth. We have several Investigations on staff that specialize in following suspected cheaters, meeting planes, and staking out motels anywhere in Florida. Catching suspected cheating spouses is a skill that requires many years to obtain. We know the “system” and how to play the “game”. If you have suspicions, give us a call and we can guide you correctly on the way to proceed.

Our conversations on these matters are, by law, strictly confidential . . . in addition, our advice is FREE.

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Covert Surveillance Operations

Routine surveillance is the backbone of most investigative agencies. The GATOR is no exception. The state of Florida is a Mecca, particularly in the winter, for all sorts of people seeking the sun.

We specialize in finding and getting film documentation of your claimant or subject who has decided to winter in the Sunshine State.

Workman’s Compensation cases are one of our areas of expertise. We use the latest in digital video and photograhic technology, and all of our Investigations drive fully equipped and up-to-date surveillance vehicles.

Your subject may have “skipped” or you need confirmation on a missing person. Perhaps your spouse has “other” interests while in Florida. We specialize in meeting people at the airport and following them and seeing what they are up to.

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Missing Person Locates

The phrase, “we can find anyone, anywhere” is not exactly true -- but it’s close! With the computer technology available today, we can find almost anyone. This includes lost children, parents or friends. If someone “skipped” out of town owing you money or has taken your property, with some basic information such as complete name, we can find them.

Perhaps you would like to locate an old “army buddy” or high school chum. The GATOR detectives can do it.

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Criminal Defense Investigations

Today and every day, there are thousands of people in prisons all across the United States awaiting trial or appeal on offenses that they did not commit. While the old adage states that a suspect is "innocent until proven guilty", it's invariably always up to the defendant to prove his innocence.

Gator Investigations perform all types of professional criminal defense investigations for both attorneys and pro-se defendants. Our background includes, arson, assault, homicide, robbery, rape, and accident investigations.

At the end of our investigations, we will present you with a professionally written report and, where necessary, document, video and photographic evidence in furtherance of proving your case. All of this evidence can be immediately used in court or at your attorney’s office. The GATOR Detectives are also available for professional testimony when required.

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Civil Litigation Support for Attorneys
In the complicated and precocious world of civil litigation, you case is only as good as the preponderance of evidence you can provide to the Court in furtherance of your case. Gator Investigations provide attorney support service in all types of civil litigation, whether it be interviewing witnesses of an accident, or providing detailed backgrounds on expert witnesses for impeachment purposes.
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Background Investigations

Did you know the person you are about to marry has been married 5 times in the last 10 years? You should! A simple background check of the person you are dating or getting serious with is always the prudent thing to do.

We can check criminal, financial and marital records quickly. A modest investment on your part can solve a lot of potential problems in the future.

Taking on a business partner? Hiring a new person for that key position? Let the GATOR check that person out first.

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Child Custody Investigations
Child Custody cases require special skills and sensitivity. If you and your spouse, or former spouse are in litigation or dispute over a child custody issue, we can help. Our goal is to do what is correct for the child involved. The Gator Investigations have a long background with these issues. Please call for a free consultation.
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General Investigations
Gator Investigations, LLC. conduct all manners of general investigative services for a wide variety of clients. If you don't see the service you need outlined above, contact our office and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you. If we don't offer the exact service you need, we may be able to provide an alternative service that will produce the results or evidence you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who provides the specific service you require.
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All investigations are handled by licensed Florida Private Investigators with discretion, complete confidentiality and in a timely manner.

For more information or to speak with one of our Tampa Bay Investigators, call today!
Call our Tampa Bay private Investigators
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Statewide, national and international services available.

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